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7 DAYS A WEEK.  8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Solid Waste Transfer Station
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Citizens of Clearwater County reside in perhaps one of the most beautiful locations in this great land. The task of maintaining this environment has to be a team effort. It is our goal to maintain this clean and healthy environment.

Residents of Clearwater County can dispose of household waste items year round at the Clearwater County Transfer Station in Orofino, Idaho and at the Timberline Container Site in Weippe at no additional charge. Commercial and demolition charges may apply.
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The Clearwater County solid waste collection and disposal started out as a solid waste landfill owned by a private contractor. It was taken over by the County in 1994 and changed from a landfill site to a transfer station. Waste is separated into its proper area. Household waste is loaded into trailers and transported to Asotin County Landfill. Useable items are placed in the ClearMart Store.  

Non-municipal solid waste is collected at the transfer station and transported to a tier two landfill operated by Clearwater County and located at the Timberline site between Pierce and Weippe. The site and transfer station operate under Public Health and IDEQ guidelines.


Community Cleanup Day is Saturday, April 29, 2017    

Dispose of up to 12 tires FREE (Saturday, April 29 only). There will be a charge of $2 for every tire over 12. NO truck or tractor tires will be accepted!

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Visit our ClearMart Store for   recyclable household items

We do not charge for: clean fill, brush, animal carcasses, scrap iron, used oil, small propane bottles, residential yard waste, appliances and refrigerated units.

Passenger and light truck tires (nothing bigger than pickup tires): $2 charge for tires with no rims; $4 charge for tires with rims.

Commercial waste fees: $77 / ton – demolition, contractor, construction, commercial yard waste

Cardboard (no household garbage) may be dropped off at various locations in Orofino, Pierce and Weippe. Public dumpsters are located at Bandmill and Headquarters.

 We do not accept: Antifreeze, gas/diesel, large propane bottles, hazardous waste, and unmarked chemical containers.

 Please contact an attendant before placing waste at any location at the transfer station. 

Clearwater County
Transfer Station
585 Transfer Station Road
  Orofino ID 83544

Open 7 days a week 8 am to 4 pm

TS Yard  


Timberline Container Site
3913 Hjalmar Johnson Road 
Weippe ID 83553

Open Tues.-Sat. 8 am to 4 pm

This facility is closed on all county
recognized holidays


Both facilities are CLOSED on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas unless   otherwise advertised

Clearwater   County Recycling Center
2230 Michigan Avenue
  Orofino ID 83544
Drop-off availability 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Recycling Center