The Clearwater County Prosecuting Attorney is an elected office responsible for prosecuting or defending all actions, applications, or motions in the District Court or Magistrate Division in which the People, the State or the County is a party.  Working cooperatively with the sheriff’s department and other agencies, the prosecutor functions as the chief law enforcement officer in Clearwater County. The prosecuting attorney also serves as legal counsel for the Board of County Commissioners and other elected officials, appointed boards and commissions of the county. 

The mission of the Clearwater County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is to represent the interests of Clearwater County and the People of the State of Idaho in efforts to foster a safe community, to advocate for victims throughout the criminal process, and to pursue justice in the prosecution of criminal offenders.   The prosecutor’s mission further includes providing proactive legal advice to the Board of County Commissioners and other elected officials for preemptive planning in advance of county action and proper representation of the county in civil matters.