Clerk of the District Court

Clerk of the District Court

Courthouse - Photo by Dave King
(Photo of Courthouse Courtesy of Dave King) 

Responsibilities of the Clerk of the District Court

The Clerk of the District Court is responsible for the records generated and filed with the District and Magistrate Courts of Clearwater County. Deputy Court Clerks process all citations, community service enrollment, applications for a public defender, protection orders and filings for all criminal and civil cases. This office is responsible for the collection of fines, fees, and penalties assessed in the District Court and Magistrate Court, and the efficient keeping of all files concerning cases within these courts.

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About This Department
Clerk of the District Court: Carrie Bird
Address: 150 Michigan Ave
                 Orofino, ID 83544
Mailing: PO Box 586
               Orofino, ID 83544
Phone: 208-476-5596
Jury Call-In Lines: 208-476-5159 & 208-476-5598
Fax: 208-476-8910
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM M-F