Rural Addressing

                         Clear View             Person on a ladder        

   Picture of a Control Cap       Picture of tractor         picture of address marker       Volunteers helped with many GIS and Rural Addressing Projects.  The GIS and Rural Addressing Department works together to help in providing accurate maps and data for Emergency Services.

Rural Property Addressing aims to provide all occupied rural properties with a nationally recognized addresses that will assist Emergency Services and other service providers in locating a property. A rural address will consist of a distance-based Road Number, Road Name, Locality and Zip Code. The new addresses will only identify the property location and not who lives there, therefore not impacting the privacy of the residents.

New Addresses

For a new or existing structure that does not have an official 9-1-1 address one will be provided once appropriate procedures are followed:

  1. If the property driveway comes off of a  County maintained road then a County Road Driveway Permit is needed or a well marked location of the new access.  The driveway permit can be obtained from the County Road Department by calling (208)476-4813.
  2.  If the property driveway comes off of a private road then the driveway needs to be in place or marked in order to obtain a GPS marking of the location. Once the GPS is marked a 9-1-1 address will be issued. Contact the Rural Addressing department to arrange GPS marking at (208)476-9989