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Layer Name:  Landslide

The geohazard layer was interpreted from three factual maps, surficial geology, slope, and soil.  The Idaho Geological Survey (IGS), Moscow, Idaho, provided these three maps.  Knowledge of the engineering characteristics and experience with the geologic materials aided the interpretation of geohazards. Geologic materials with similar geotechnical engineering properties were assigned to the same Geotechnical Terrain Unit (GTU).

  Geologic Hazards Study Report            CWCo Final Report    
  Geotechnical Terrain Unit 1   GTU_1    
  Geotechnical Terrain Unit 2   GTU_2    
  Geotechnical Terrain Unit 3   GTU_3    
  Geotechnical Terrain Unit 4   GTU_4    
  Geotechnical Terrain Unit 5   GTU_5    
  Geotechnical Terrain Unit 6   GTU_6    

Digital geotechnical hazard map compiled by Terry Howard from IGS surficial geology and new field work.  The Clearwater County FEMA Flood layer was digitized from the FEMA Flood maps.

GTU.shp contains these items:

Field Name      Description
CLGTU   Clearwater GTU polygon Id
CLGTU_ID   GTU ploygon Id
LAYER   GTU reference layer
VALUE    Geotechnical Unit

The Landslide Hazard layers were created with a one time grant opportunity.