GIS and Mapping


Layer Name:  Parcels

The Clearwater County Parcel layer is created and maintained using deeds recorded in the Auditor / Recorder Office.  The Parcel layer is a representation of the current ownership boundaries within Clearwater County.  The County follows mapping standards outlined in state statute.

     Idaho Statutes          Title 63 Revenue and Taxation        
  Parcel  Standard   Idaho Parcel Data Exchange Standard    

Using ArcStandard, the County Parcel layer was created from legal descriptions contained with documents recorded in the Auditor / Recorder Office.

Parcels.shp contains these items:

Field Name      Description
PARCEL_ID   Parcel identification number
LABEL   Last four numbers of the parcel number for labeling purposes
OWNERSHIP   General ownership information
ACRES   Acres
State_FIPS   Federal Information Processing Standard state/county code
Cnty_FIPS   State FIPS + County FIPS
Date_updated   Update date
Upd_FIPS   FIPS code of updating entity

The Clearwater County Assessor Office maintains the parcel layer on an as needed basis.  The parcel layer is uploaded to the web map monthly. Once it is uploaded it is linked to Assessor data via the Parcel_Id.