Juvenile Probation

Clearwater County Juvenile Court Services was established in 1995 with the enacting of the Juvenile Corrections Act. The department holds responsibility for the supervision of all juveniles under the age of 18, placed on probation by the juvenile court.

Additionally, Juvenile Court Services provides a diversion program for youthful offenders referred by the Prosecuting Attorney, law enforcement, the schools, parents and the court. This program holds the youth accountable for their behavior, while helping to identify resources that may divert him or her from the juvenile justice system. 

Clearwater County Juvenile Court Services practices the Balanced Approach to Restorative Justice, which addresses the elements of community safety, accountability and competency development. Our goal is to teach offenders to live as productive citizens in our community, at the same time protecting the community while they learn.

Juvenile Court Services offers programs that include TEG (Tobacco Education Group), A-CAPS (Alcohol-Consumption and Possession School) and various Community Service projects. 

Lewis County contracts with Clearwater County to handle their juvenile probation needs also. The Department employs an administrator, two probation officers and a part-time program director.