Paying Taxes

Payment Methods

Walk In Payments:
Payments can be made at 150 Michigan Ave, Orofino, Idaho 83544 in the Treasurer's Office or in the drop box located at the back entrance of the Clearwater County Courthouse. Contact our office at 208-476-5213

Credit/Debit Card Payments
We accept credit cards over the counter, and on-line. To offer this service without tax funding, a non-refundable Portal Administration fee of 2.75% is added to each credit and debit card transaction by our third party vendor, Access Idaho.   The County does not keep any portion of this fee.  If you do not wish to pay this fee, you have the option to pay by traditional, non-electronic means. 
Contact our office at 208-476-5213 (Mon thru Fri 8am to 5pm)
Online Payments:
Bill Pay Checks
We accept 'Bill Pay Checks' from your bank or credit union. For accurate posting you must indicate your FULL PARCEL NUMBER (up to 15 digits) in the area designated for the account number.  Click here for detailed information. 
Mail Payments To:
Clearwater County Tax Collector
PO Box 707
Orofino, Idaho 83544