Grangemont Fire District

Grangemont Fire District

About Us

Grangemont Volunteer Fire District has successfully completed the outside of our new building…we have only a few jobs to do on the inside and then we are finished and will be ready to hang the sign on our new fire station.  A lot of hard work and many, many hours of volunteers time has gone into the building of this station!  If you are ever in the area, drop by and see our new station.  It is located on Band Mill Rd. on land under long-term lease from Potlatch Corporation. 

Because of the near completion of this building and very generous donations from surrounding fire departments/districts, Grangemont Volunteer Fire District has successfully moved from a Class 10 to a Class 9 fire rating!  Congratulations to everyone involved in this important change.  If things go according to plan, a further reduction to a Class 8 fire rating will occur shortly.

Additionally, Grangemont Volunteer Fire District was awarded a Department of Lands grant to perform home inspections and prevention education to our approximately 70 residences.  We have been purchasing the Red Zone software and, utilizing Palm Pilots, are in the process of examining, in detail, each residence with regard to fire prevention/suppression.

Grangemont Volunteer Fire District also won a FEMA Homeland Security Grant in the amount of approximately $25,000 to purchase new fire suppression equipment and personal protective equipment.




                                                                   Coverage Area

GrangemontGrangemont Rural Fire District covers the area from mile marker 14 through mile marker 18 on Grangemont Rd. along with Whiskey Creek Rd., Rudo Rd., Band Mill Rd. and Bashaw Rd. Grangemont Volunteer Fire District protects approximately 70 residences representing about 160 individuals.


Contact Us

For emergencies call 911. For further information about the district, call Chief Fred Allen at 476-4476.