Fire Departments

Fire Departments



Winds downed a power line causing this wildfire on Wells Bench during the fire season of 2002

Through Clearwater County’s Project Impact and other grant programs, local fire districts are working to make our county more disaster resistant in relation to the threat of wildfires.

A number of projects are underway including training for local volunteer wildland fire fighters, increased signage for prevention/mitigation of fires, mapping for better location of property in emergencies and increased public awareness activities.


Do You Have Structural Fire Protection?

Evergreen Rural Fire District: Cavendish area

Sunnyside Rural Fire District: From mile marker 3 on Cavendish Grade and through the Sunnyside area

Orofino City and Rural Fire: In the city limits and within 5 miles of those limits

Grangemont Rural Fire District: Grangemont/Rudo Rd. areas

Weippe Rural Fire District: Weippe and Fraser areas

Twin Ridge Rural Fire District: Wells Bench and Eureka Ridge areas

Greer Fire District: Greer and surrounding area

Pierce & Elk River Fire Departments: Just within the city limits of each town

For further help in determining the fire district for your property, check your tax assessment notice or contact: Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association (C-PTPA), 476-5612. For information about contacting each fire district, see our Contact Us page.


What Else Should I Know?

Those who live and recreate in the area should be aware of the wildland fire danger that is inherent in areas such as Clearwater County. They should be careful with fire and evaluate their property to provide defensible space, especially around their homes.

Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association & Idaho Department of Lands personnel are available to help you assess the fire risks around your home. Property owners in the urban/wildland interface that is typical in much of Clearwater County can take steps to aid in fire protections such as providing defensible space around structures, constructing access and egress routes for fire vehicles, using non-flammable building materials and planting fire resistant varieties of plants. Contact them to schedule an appointment as time and fire conditions permit.

For a printable brochure with local fire district information, click here. Please be patient while this large file loads. It may take several minutes.