Orofino Rural Fire

Past Fire Chiefs

Fire Chiefs



Right is a picture of Orofino's first fire chief Ernest W. Jewell. He served in that position from the time that the department was founded in 1911 until 1917.  He also served as a Clearwater County Sheriff. Notice the fire services badge on the left breast of his vest.

   1911-1917 E.W. Jewell

   1917-1918 L.L. Luttrop                   1918-1923 H.F. Ripley

   1923-1924 Fred Hammond           1924 - Homer Cohun

   1931-1937 H.F. Ripley                               Kester Hanson

   1965-1978 Elbert Snyder                1978-1985 Lanny (Alan) White

   1985-1988 Mike Wilson                  1989-1998 Leonard Eckman

   1998-present Mike Lee